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Commercial Treadmill 4000A


Specification and Function:
19 Inch (48 cm)˜ Smart Capacitive Touch Screen

Japan Import Mitsubishi Inverter

Germany FORBO SIEGLING none Daub Silicon Oil Running Belt

Automatic lubrication (Only for your choice)

Adjusting belt automaticly (Only for your choice)
Adjusting the motor belt automaticly

High power & lower noise Oxygen source
Super big safe handrail 5mmthickness lawn belt
Incline by motor Easy speed Easy incline

Self stop and record of total runned distance
Pulse controls speed
Motor:more whisht AC motor

Controler:control speed by inverter
House power:Continuous 3.8HP
Speed:1-20km/h Incline:0-15%
Running belt:600(width)×3510(perimeter)mm
Occuping area:2370*930*1600mm
N.W:263kgs G.W:333kgs


Machine Name Commercial Treadmill
Size 2295x 1655 x 948mm
NW/GW(kg) 233/287
Design principle Principles of human motion mechanics
Input powder voltage AC 220V+_10%(50Hz or 60Hz)
Motor rated power 3.0HP(2.2Kw)
The Max motor Powder 7HP
Temperature range 0-40 ºC
Speed 1.0-20.0(km/h)
Time 0:00-99.59(min:sec)
Distance 0.00-99.59(km)
Calories 0-999(kcal)
Heart rate 50-256(Times/Min)
Incline (0-20)%

Dodatne informacije

Težina 325 kg
Dimenzije 2250 × 1010 × 1830 cm
Tip opreme



Serija 4 (kardio)



Profesionalna ili kućna

Profesionalna oprema


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